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Handmade in Ibiza

Hi, I'm Marcel!

My journey with Origami began at 11 when a story about folding 1,000 cranes to make a wish come true captured my imagination.

This fascination quickly evolved from crafting cranes in class to exploring intricate folding techniques, inspired by my first Origami book from my mother.

Driven by geometric patterns, the natural world, and the elegance of peacocks, my hobby turned into a passionate art form.

After a stint studying biology in Vienna, I embraced my true calling as an artist and moved to the vibrant shores of Ibiza.

Today, I am dedicated to sharing my vibrant, custom-designed Origami sculptures with Ibiza's colorful community.


Origami isn't just my craft; it's a liberating force that shapes my life as an artist on this dynamic island.

Image 29.jpeg

The Artist - Marcel Zauner

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